Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I started another blog, just to see how it would go, and because I think this is way more fun than it should be. I already have almost 50 hits in like 2 days!! YAY! I have no idea how many times anyone has looked at my lil blog here but I don't think it's 50!!!!! You should go there too if ya want and checks it out. I hope people will start going like everyday and love it long time.

In today's news, not much. My son has strep throat and my mother( who is slightly insane) is finding the most tactful way she can to tell me she thinks it's swine flu. While I don't think swine flu is funny it's so typical of her to overreact to a situation and make it worse. For example, we all remember the Y2K hooplah from a couple years back. Everyone was on the news saying that all the worlds computers were going to shut down and we would be without power or food and so on. Most(normal) people knew that wasn't going to happen, we sat in perfectly drunken states and watched the ball drop on the year 2000 without a care in the world. My mom on the other hand, stocked up on bottled water and canned goods, flashlights and batteries, waiting for the end to come. Nothing happened. While certainly things are happening with the swine flu and it is spreading at a rapid pace, to think that every cough or cold is all of a sudden that virus is silly. I hate to think that people are immediately converted to hypochondriacs as soon as something scary happens.

I think preparation is great and important but to start freaking out helps nothing. This is going to happen the way it's going to happen. If we all start rushing to the store, or the doctor or the hospital, anytime we start feeling under the weather it makes it harder for people who are actually severely ill to get the quick treatment they need. It depletes grocery store stock and makes it more difficult to be able to acquire daily needs. Becoming hysterical is just not the answer.

People need to stay informed, go to ( the world health organization website) to get information on this virus and info on how to protect yourself.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

5 things about me

V]Hi there, so I put the link up to this lovely lil blog o mine and who knows if anyone will follow it and actually look at it or not but if you did then here are some things you might not know about me to help yo get aquainted. I mean it is all about getting to know someone, or getting to know their blog. Anyhoo, as I often do, I'm getting sidetracked. Here's some little known facts about the author:

1) Have you ever seen that movis the christmas story? If you have you'll get it. When I was 14 I stuck my tongue to a frozen pole and yes it did get stuck. My bff Kim had to get a bucket of very hot water and pour it down my face so I could get it off. You may be asking your self if I'm mentally deficient, the answer is............probably. I did alot of stupid things under the influence of being a teenager of recreational substances. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

2) I have the cutest ugly dog on the planet. For those of you that know me HI! For those of you that don't, my dog is a mix of two already strange looking breeds which resulted in him being adorable( at least i think so) and really ugly all at once. He has these scraggly chin hairs that hang off his face, it makes him look homeless. In fact we call him the littlest hobo. While I love my puppy he is mean as shiz and is possibly the best/worst dog ever. His name is Dizzy Garcia. I know, I know, the name. In my defense, I love the Dead and if you think that's bad you should hear what I named my kids and who after.

3) I love giraffes, they're gracefully ridiculous. And I can totally i.d. with them since I'm crazy tall too. I think that's enough said on that.

4) I want to, and am in the process of writing a book. Something supernatural thriller like. The thing about writing is it's alot more complicated than it may seem. It takes alot of time and preparation. I've been toying with the right plot themes and characters for a couple of months now and it's coming along slowly, but it's still coming.

5) I love to read internet crap, it's sooo addicting. I go to all kinds of random sites and the things people write online are insane. One of my faves is perez hilton. I know he just mostly talks horribly about people but the way he draws pee on people and has them drooling(or not) all over themselves is HILARIOUS! I know that it seems silly and childish to alot of folks but I am silly in alot of ways. I mean I still laugh at the muppet show, I think burps are gross/awesome, and I generally have a crude sense of humor. Poopoo, Pee pee.

Thanks for checking this lil blog out, keep reading. There will be lots-o-crazy to come.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rob,oh Rob

So it would seem that some people are obsessing over his royal hotness Rob pattinson(no,no,no, I would never do that). I'm of course not one of those crazy fangirls who smiles everytime she sees him and thinks that he might be the most perfect guy on the planet right now. Okay so that last bit is slightly telling but nevertheless I am not completely crazy. I have been on some of the twilight fan sites and some Rob sites too and wow. The level of crazy fangirl rants is scary!!! My personal favorite site is LTR (letters to Rob) These ladies are sooo hilarious and on the chance that they may have google alerts set up to notify them when they are mentioned... here's a lil porn for ya~~~~~~~~>. MMhMM. So I find myself wondering though, why do we all love Rob so much? Is it because he portrays Edward Cullen, who is possibly the role model for the way men should behave in relationships? It certainly does up your status a bit. I think though that most people are attracted to Rob because he's more than that.
Let's just lay it out, he is brutally hot. More hot than any one man should be allowed to be. My husband is getting less and less tolerant of my school girl gushing moments when I see a new pic of him. More than that though, so much more. He's an artist, a musically gifted artist, he sings and plays several instruments, and writes his own music. Okay, honestly musicians are hot in their own right, it's like a given that if you are even remotely attractive and musically inclined you will have scores of girls drooling after you. Just look at the hideous toad of a lead singer for nickelback,even that guy gets girls. Most appealing to me though is the fact that he is obviously a teensy bit insane. He talks to himself outside of clubs, refuses to wash his hair(oh god the hair), and he generally seems to be disoriented and unaware of what's going on. I luvz me some crazies. So maybe people love him for all of those reasons, who knows. I just know that I would love to bone him til we died from exhaustion. It would be sooo worth it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Annoying Celebs

cheeseless crust. okay so forst of all let's just clear this up.........i am not crazy, i'm not a fan of every celeb or what they do. it's difficult to see them in a clear light most of the time so i try not to judge. Okay okay... i judge a little, like angelie jolie is now and always will be a homewrecking slut in my book because she hooked up with a married man and that is so far beyond foul. And i did used to seriously hate britney because when she came out she was all short skirts and inuendo and i thought it was highly inappropriate for a role model. Now i just feel like she is a wreck and should be left alone to shave her head and show her's sad people, don't promote it.

I guess what this is all leading up to is this interview I saw with Lindsey Lohan on ellen, she was denial girl and ellen just looked like she wanted to tackle her and ship her offf to the nut bin. She kept saying things like she "had no idea" what brought about her recent break up with her les lover Sam Ronson. So I'm sitting there watching and the whole time I'm thinking, is she unconcious like 98% of the time? No idea why? Uh try you're a train wreck, an out of work marginal actress, and an off the wagon( I'll do anything I can get my hands on) addict. So yeah, why would she leave you?

The worst part of all these celebs is that most of them are at best functioning crazy people with lots of money and nothing to do but get in trouble and look pretty. Then when things like this start going on the first thing they say is " oh the press has played this so wrong" or my favorite " I just want to be left alone". Well here's the scoop, you can't be left alone. You're amous, you asked to be in the spotlight, in effect you asked to be a role model. You can't differentiate between the two, even if you only wanted one. That is part of the gig, fame, fortune, adoring fans who want to be just like you. So if you can't hang, if you can't be slightly less insane, then GO AWAY.

I'm tired of changing the channel every time one of you comes on tv so my children don't see you and start to think you're cool. I hate knowing that alot of other kids who have seen you, look up to you and think that being a hot mess is great. I mean who doesn't want to be a stupid, spoiled whore right? I think accountablility is paramount here, if you can't be responsible, you can't be famous. Why should I have to worry that you and your drunken antics are going to one day turn my daughter into a drunken slut cuz she saw you do it first? I know, harsh words but the truth isn't always what you want to hear. My son thinks SpiderMan is the coolest guy on the planet but what if the guy who plays him all of a sudden starts frequenting strip clubs? It's everywhere, even when you change the channel it's on the magazines when we shop, the radio in the car. What am I supposed to do, ban him from READING IF HE SEES SOMETHING THAT CATCHES HIS ATTENTION? I doubt it.

So the answer here is that people are going to have to stop behaving like this. Whether you like it or not you are in the light and these kids have celebrity worship like you wouldn't believe, I can't keep my children completely cut off from the outside world because you can't remember to put your damn underwear on in the morning. It's time that people grow up or fade away, for all of our sakes.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Izzy..........on why we always want what we don't have

I guess this tim ei'm gonna talk about why we always want things we can't have. I think it's simple enough, people are never satisfied. I have fiends who say they envy me and my life and I can't understand that at all. If you knew me , really knew me, you owuld get it. I guess i'll explain a little, I am married,going on 8 years,but it's not the happy perfect relationship. He has alot of issues that make me exhausted at the least on a daily basis. Yes we have survived alot in our time, yes we are still together, but most days i wonder why the hell that is and think about what life would be like if i left him. I can honestly say i bet he thinks the same thing. We have 2 kids, and they ar egreat, but i never wanted kids and mostly i feel like i was tricked into being this wife and mommy and that is not the life i ever wanted for myself. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret my children, I regret having them too young and with a person who is incapable of being right for me. So why someone would want this is beyond me, people seem to have ideas about my life that are very wrong. I think constantly about the perfect guy for me, is he tall,slim or bigger? Doe she love me unconditionally? I hope so. I want things though that i'll probably never have, i want him to be funny and artistic. I want romance and adoration, but in a tough guy kinda way, not the oversensitive kind. I want him to be tough, but not with me, and love to laugh, to be smart and gorgeous, if only in my eyes. Iwant him to know me for me and love me anyway. I want Rob Pattinson naked playing guitar in my room for all time but prolly not gonna get it.

It seems like we want things we are almost sure not to have and then when by luck we getthem they lose appeal somehow. Think of all the stars who spend their life seeking fame only to get it and be miserable because they hate all the attention. Or the people who win the lottery and then figure out the money wasn't going to make things better like they thought. Or the friends who secretly have feelings for eachother but never express them becuase they fear being rejected ( i've had a relationship that started just like was disastrous.). I have to wonder why the unattainable is so alluring to us, to me. Why can't we simply be happy with what we have? It disturbs me that there will always be a need for things that cannot be ours and that no matter how good you have it, there is no true happiness, devoid of misery in some form. Find one person who is completely, 100% happy in their life and i will erase this post.

What is wrong here? When we get what we want we wantmore,when we have that it's not enough. i'm frustrated at myself i guess, most people would be glad to have what i do.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The first in a long line

So this is the first blog of many I'm sure. Let's see, things that I want to say....... okay, let's start with the basic stuff. The economy, if Obama comes on tv one more time saying that people should not be worried I think I'm going to shit my pants. Let's be honest, if you're not worried you are dumb, and the only reason he's not is because his job isn't laying him off, his house can't be foreclosed on, and he doesn't have to worry about what he's gonna do about his family and their future. The rest of us however should be scared shitless, for once I just wish he would come on tv and say," Okay people, shit is all jacked up, start panicking cuz the lifeboats are not coming." It's insulting to think that anyone in our government believes a few reassuring words are going to appease people who are about to be homeless. Honesty, just once, would be great. I mean really, it's not like we all don't know what's happening anyway.